Tax Consultancy

  • Advisory services in national and municipal tax matters.
  • Review and assistance in preparing national and municipal tax returns.
  • Tax evaluation of specific transactions (national and international).
  • Review and planning of compliance with obligations (tax, labor and legal in general).
  • Evaluation of tax risks in acquisition and merger of companies (Due Diligence).
  • Review and assistance in preparing informative declarations on operations between related parties and transfer pricing studies.
  • Assistance in inspection and consultation processes.
  • Review and assistance in compliance with special legal obligations, such as: Organic Law of Science, Technology and Innovation (LOCTI), Organic Law of Sports, Physical Activity and Physical Education (LODAFEF) and Law of Fair Costs and Prices.
  • Permanent Advice:
  1. ̵Sending informative bulletins with the most notable provisions published in the Official Gazette.
  2. Sending other informative materials (daily news, extraordinary shipments, calendars, etc.)