International Financial Reporting Standards (VEN-IFRS LE and VEN-IFRS SMES)

  • Consultancy for the transition from VEN-GAAP to VEN-IFRS
  • Assistance in the preparation of financial statements and their disclosures under the new standards
  • Specialized advisory on the first-time application of VEN-IFRS
  • Consultancy for the change of VEN-IFRS LE to VEN-IFRS for SMEs or vice versa
  • Training and qualification
  • Assistance for the application and interpretation of specific standards
  • Assistance for the registration of financial statements prepared under the new standards in regulatory and/or controlling institutions (National Securities Superintendency, Superintendency of Banks, National Contracting Service, etc.)
  • Consultancy for the implementation and review of controls adapted to the new standards
  • Consultancy and support for the design and adaptation of manual and automated systems to the requirements of the new standards