One of the most difficult decisions for entrepreneurs is to select the right people to professionally support their organization. Therefore, when contracting Public Accountants and Management Consultants Firms, companies must thoroughly review the services provided, the professional quality of the partners and staff, and the technological resources in order to guarantee that the firms can provide a quality comprehensive service that meets their needs to achieve their goals, and most importantly, generate added value to their organization. Knowledge of the key drivers of the market is necessary so that to ensure that our services actually add value.
We understand the importance of professional and human quality of our coworkers in order to permanently exceed the expectations of our clients. Therefore, we provide high technical and managerial training to our human resources, as well as permanent monitoring of their performance during their relationship with the client. Our Firm is able to serve companies in different areas of expertise, in both the public and private sectors. Our experience includes the following sectors:

  • National and international trade.
  • Manufacturing industries.
  • Financial, banking and insurance institutions.
  • Service companies.
  • Government institutions.
  • Non-profit institutions, foundations and NGOs.
  • Shipping industry.
  • Clinics and hospitals.
  • Real estate property and construction.
  • Tourism.
  • Retail.