About us

Cifuentes, Lemus & Asociados is a Public Accountants and Management Consultants Firm established in 1989 by professionals with extensive experience. We are a Moore Global Network Limited independent Member Firm and we currently have a team of 6 partners and over 80 professionals. All Firm partners are highly experienced and recognized. Our proven quality of work is our best reference.

Moore Global Network Limited is an international network of Certified Public Accountants and Management Consultants Firms independent of professional services. With headquarters in London, our roots go back 100 years. Throughout our history, we have provided solutions to our clients to meet their national and international objectives, including, among others, global corporations, international private clients, government agencies and third sector organizations (NGOs). As a result, we have acquired significant experience in the management of complex international matters, proving to be of transcendent value to our clients, regardless of their size or activity.
Currently, Moore Global has around 260 member firms, 614 offices, presence in 112 countries worldwide, and over 30,000 employees.

Our Firm is also a World Services Group (WSG) member, the world's largest multidisciplinary professional services network, made up of the most prestigious firms, which brings together over 19,000 professionals in 130 offices in 145 countries throughout the five continents. WSG allows the members of this network to count on the support of other professionals with specific expertise in different areas of service, in a dynamic manner and with the application of state-of-the-art technology, thus being more customer service efficient.


We are members of the Venezuelan Association of Private Capital, Venecápital, Venecapital.org. Organization focused on promoting investments and the Private Capital sector in Venezuela, for local and international investors.

The purpose of the Association is the promotion, development of common interests of a trade union nature of its members, regarding the development of the Private Capital Investment sector in Venezuela.