Maffalda Lemus

Academic Background:

B.A. in Fiscal Science, mention: Revenue, National School of Management and Public Finance (Escuela Nacional de Administración y Hacienda Pública) (1992), top position in her promotion. Specialization in Tax Law, Universidad Santa María (1996). Specialization in International Business Law, Universidad Metropolitana (2004).
Professional Experience:

She began her professional career in 1989 within the banking sector. In 1991 she joined the Firm Cortizo, Cifuentes & Asociados, currently Cifuentes, Lemus & Asociados. She swiftly gained higher positions and became Manager of the Tax Division. Her achievements enabled her to become a partner in 1997, and she was appointed Partner of the Tax Division. Therefore, she is the partner director in charge of Management of The Human Capital. She collaborates actively with the Unit of Marketing and Communications. Ms Lemus was a teacher in the Postdegree of Tributary Management of the ENAHP-IUT during the year 2002 and 2003 and participates in diverse kind of forums and seminaries.

  • Spanish
  • English